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Sheets of empty canvas

daily thoughts on life's everyday troubles and unexpected smiles...

10 August
80's music, afterlife, airplanes, airports, albania, arguing, art, beach, being evil, being lazy, being weird, bjork, blind melon, bob dylan, bob marley, buffalo 66, c.s. lewis, cartoons, ceramics, chapstick, cheesy cartoons, chess, comedy, crafts, cuddling, damien rice, david bowie, day dreaming, death, doing nothing, dorks, drama, drawing, dreaming, drinking lots of coffee, driving like a madman, ee cummings, existentialism, eyeliner, family guy, fight club, films, foreign films, frank sinatra, geeks, history, hitchhiking, hugging, independent films, intelligence, jazz, john lennon, johnny depp, jude law, keeping journals, kissing, laughing, led zeppelin, legos, libraries, lip gloss, lj drama, lounging about, love, meditating, men, moby, more sleeping, museums, music, my dog, mythology, nature, nerdiness, nerds, night, ny, old movies, open minded people, overanalyzing films, paint, painting, passion, paul mccartney, philosophy, photography, pictures, pink floyd, pizza, poetry, positive pals, psychic, pulp fiction, queens ny, quotes, radiohead, rainy days, ranting and raving, reading, religion, requiem for a dream, robots, sartre, screen writing, sexiness, sexy vegetarians, shakespeare, simpsons, skittles, sleeping, snl, snow, south park, speeding, spirituality, spiritualized, stars, strangers, sunrise, sunsets, tarantino, tennis, the beatles, the doors, the moon, the universe, thought crime, tofu, tom green, top 100 countdowns, traveling, used books, van gogh, vincent gallo, vonnegut, writing, writing letters, yoga